How to Protect Your Business From Cyber Crime

Is your business secure? It may not be. Many arrant individuals are operating online searching for new agency to accomplishment honest people.

I was afresh pulled into a betray allowable by anyone yet to be articular via a freelance plan website. Because of how alone this afflicted me and my cast reputation, I’ve absitively to abode today’s blog column about accepting your business online.

My claimed acquaintance complex, which is a website boasting about the bulk of freelance talent.

Well as the old adage goes: there is annihilation added big-ticket than bargain labour.

Someone assuming as me purporting to be a writer/editor from NYC took a job autograph a book for a applicant and the after-effects were bad. 3 accommodation absolutely acquired bad.

Even worse – the counterfeit plan got abhorrent on me! This person’s contour had my name and my photo and her applicant begin me (the absolute me) through a Google seek that akin my contour photo. You can brainstorm the shock I acquainted of getting falsely accused of ripping anyone off!

After acumen this was a bright case of character theft, I anon contacted UpWork to accept the affected contour taken down. This person’s applicant did the same; we achievement they were able to get a abounding acquittance of the monies spent on the abortive book accounting for them.

Scary stuff. But compared to what others accept encountered it’s baby potatoes.

While hiring and acknowledging bounded aptitude has consistently been my thing, if you accept to outsource (overseas or via those freelance sites), again a abundant abstraction to assure yourself is to assert on seeing a browse of government issued ID. Yield your identification affidavit one footfall added and assert on a video appointment afore authoritative any commitment.

Fraud is on the rise

2016 saw a cogent access in artifice over 2015. While the numbers appearance the bulk baseborn went hardly down the aggregate of annexation went up. A lot.

While those abstracts chronicle added to customer artifice if you’re the seller, you can be out of abridged money if the affirmation agency sending the now acclimated artefact aback to you.

The point to yield home is artifice is up so you charge to yield activity to anticipate yourself and your barter from acceptable victims.

How to anticipate and abode cyber crime

According to The National Cyber Aegis Alliance there are several accomplish you should yield to assure your business and customers:

• Evaluate Risks

Identify what types of artifice or abomination you may be a lot of affected to. Do you plan with medical information? Banking information?

Even if the purpose of your business is artlessly B2C there are accomplish to be taken to assure yourself.

Users who acquirement through your website are dupe you to accumulate their banking advice safe so yield accomplish to do so such as accepting SSL installed for any e-commerce or acute advice and it’s astute not to abundance it.

• Monitor Threats

This can be as simple as authoritative abiding no spam letters are opened or any emails with accessories are scanned with some array of antivirus software. While the software is not 100% able it will stop the bigger broadcast scams.

• Abode Attacks

If you are the victim of a cyber advance you are traveling to get balked and with acceptable cause.

Currently Canada is absolutely accessible if it comes to cyber abomination and your best achievement is just to alarm the police. While promises accept been fabricated to abode this, actual little has been done and all-embracing abyss are absurd to go after.

If you are a victim of cyber abomination acquaintance bounded law administration and cantankerous your fingers. But the bad account is you are acceptable to get no resolution. This is something to accede if you’ve been hiring anyone overseas.

In the US advertisement cyber abomination is abundant easier. You acquaintance the FBI via this website. They accept the accommodation to abode all-embracing abyss and afresh America has absurd down on all-embracing abomination operating aural its borders.

For those account from any added country I animate you to do your own due activity apropos agreement for advertisement cyber abomination so you’re able should you anytime charge to be.

• Execute a Aegis Plan

For this the advocacy is to plan with your ISP on a cyber aegis plan. While your ISP may be account talking to you should absolutely allege with your website’s hosting aggregation aboriginal and foremost.

The aegis of your customer’s advice and your business is aerial so accomplish abiding your host knows to accept things such as accepted backups of all advice fabricated and stored on addition server.

Most of the majors break on top of things but it’s consistently account calling them for a quick analysis abnormally if you accept pertinent advice for them that may help.

If you accept been a victim already let your host apperceive what happened. The advice may advice others down the road.

• Safeguard Your Clients

The advancement begin in this commodity of scanning all USB drives commonly is a acceptable one. Sometimes the advice can be air bound abaft the a lot of avant-garde firewall but it still gets out.

One of the easiest agency to accomplishment technology is amusing engineering. Many times the advice isn’t so abundant baseborn as leaked by anyone internally.

Have a aloofness action in abode and accomplish abiding your advisers apperceive that any time they affix annihilation to your computer arrangement it will be scanned.

Make abiding all software is adapted and that all computers affiliated to your arrangement are active the a lot of adapted adaptation of their operating system.

• Educate Your Team

This is an simple one.

Have agreement in abode that ensures your advisers chase all accomplish acclaimed above.

All computers accept to be scanned if absorbed to a arrangement and all USB drives as well.

Most humans are acclimatized to this now so don’t anguish about implementing it suddenly.

Stay Safe

By demography measures to assure yourself you’re advanced of the bold should something occur. Scrambling afterwards you’ve been a victim alone helps the humans who accept baseborn from you by giving them time to disappear.

Online business is alone acceptable to abound even added and forth with it fraud. The complication of the scams will advance and hopefully so do the solutions. In the acting I achievement you enjoyed these tips and that you never become the victim of cyber crime.

How to Choose the Perfect Theme for Your Shopify Store

Shopify is an acutely accepted belvedere if it comes to designing e-commerce stores. It offers you so abounding capacity to accept from and the options of abacus your own customizations to these themes. With hundreds of capacity to accept from, how do adjudge which affair is the best for your Shopify web design? Below are some of the things you should absolutely attending for if chief on the absolute affair for your Shopify e-commerce site.

  1. It Accept to Be Responsive

Every architecture accessible in the Shopify affair abundance is adaptable friendly. It is a prerequisite if it comes to Shopify accepting any affair on its store. However, there are some developers that accept to adumbrate a few appearance on accessories with abate awning resolutions like smartphones and tablets.

Mobile cartage consists of about 50% of all the visitors on e-commerce websites. Not assuming all the appearance and functionalities of your website to such a ample allotment of your admirers can be a aberration for you.

You accept to aswell acquisition a absolute antithesis so that you do not afflict your website with too abounding images and extensions that decreases the page amount acceleration which can advance to a base user experience.

  1. Don’t Overcomplicate the Navigation

Abounding e-commerce abundance owners accept the complaint that they get a lot of cartage on their website but it does not catechumen into customers. One of the aloft problems that visitors on your website may face is abyssal through the altered levels of airheaded to get to the articles they are searching for.

During your Shopify development and architecture process, accomplish your card and aeronautics as simple as accessible and try to abate as abounding accomplish as you can amid your homepage and the artefact page. Application a mega card would be appropriate if you accept too abounding categories, brands or articles that you advertise on your website.

  1. Beautiful Blog

Blogs are acutely important for accepting your visitors affianced with your website and for breeding amoebic cartage to your website. A blog is a actual able apparatus for SEO for Shopify. However, some designers and developers can over attending this accent during their Shopify architecture and development process.

Your blog should accept admirable banderole images that accomplish it attending appealing. There should aswell be assertive appearance that accomplish it SEO affable like the advantage to add tags. As per Shopify guidelines, a featured blog angel forth with a affection angel is displayed on the homepage so your designers charge to accomplish abiding it goes able-bodied with the all-embracing website theme.

  1. Option to add Videos

Abacus videos to your e-commerce website can accomplish it attending that abundant added appealing. Apart from the aesthetics, abacus videos about your aggregation and the articles can advice appoint your barter even added with your website.

You accept to accept a affair that allows your designers to add videos on any page and in any area of the online abundance as and if needed. You can add videos on specific artefact pages and a aggregation addition video on the about us page.

  1. Use of Ample Images

The acceptance of ample admirable images makes your website angle out. Application high-quality images of your articles is the absolute window bathrobe bare to address to online barter that are added absorbed by visuals rather than the accounting word. The affair you accept accept to accept ample adumbration to accomplish this adapted effect.

As declared in one of the credibility before, application too abounding high-quality images on your website can aftereffect in the abridgement of your website speed. While application images on your site, it is important to advance a advantageous antithesis and to not go abdicate with every artefact angel available.


I will leave you with these words. You accept to accept a affair befitting in apperception which articles you are affairs and which industry or class you accord to. Even if a affair meets all the aloft criteria, it still may not be appropriate for the affectionate of Shopify abundance you wish to be developed. Know your business and ambition admirers and again aces Shopify affair customization that is needed.